Flower Care Tips

When receiving our fresh flowers you should, as soon as possible, Remove them from the box so they can breathe and receive light.

The branches are laid down, wrapped in kraft paper and hydrated with a damp bag next to the stems. As a guarantee, we also wrap the branches with adhesive tape to the bottom of the box to avoid possible impacts during transport.

Then, remove the wrapping paper and the damp bag and, if you have pruning shears on hand, You can make a small diagonal cut on the flower stems.

Finally, the most important thing: fresh water and vitamins!

Add half of sachet of nutrients that is stapled to the wrapping paper and reserve the other half for the next time you change the flower water.

Remember to change the water to increase the arrangement longevity and keep the flowers in a cool, airy environment, without sudden changes of temperature.



As soon as you receive your order, carefully remove the floral box from the packaging. Dissolve the contents of the nutrient sachet that comes with the box in 200 ml of water and add it to the arrangement, being careful not to wet the flowers and the box.


And enjoy! Our flowers will definitely brighten your day!