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This website may use cookies and/or web beacons when a user accesses the pages. The cookies that can be used are associated (if applicable) only with the browser of a specific computer, tablet or cell phone.

The cookies that are used on this website may be installed by it, which originate from different servers operated by it, or from third-party servers that provide services and install cookies and/or web beacons (for example, cookies that are used for statistical services or certain external content). The user can search their computer according to the browser's instructions and find and remove cookies.
Cookies are necessary to allow us to identify that a browser (and supposedly a person using that browser) that accesses different pages of a website is the same browser (and supposedly the same person) that accessed a certain page. For example, in the case of login, when a user logs in to a website, that website stores a cookie in the browser with a unique identifier that then allows us to know that it was that login that requested a certain page and thus be able to show information or provide specific functionalities for that user.

This website uses cookies in order to provide the best possible experience when using and browsing this website, namely:

. sharing content on social networks;
. when displaying third-party content (e.g. videos);
. in collecting statistics.

We do not use cookies to:

– collect information that allows the User to be identified;
– collect sensitive information about the User;
– pass information that identifies the User to third parties.

So that users of this website can easily share our content on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, this website includes buttons for these same features.

Cookies for these functionalities are therefore created and introduced on our pages by Facebook (Facebook Privacy Policy), Instagram (Instagram Privacy Policy) and Pinterest (Pinterest Privacy Policy).

The privacy implications of these features depend on the social networks that users of this website use and the privacy settings they define on each of these networks.

This website uses cookies to compile statistics on visits, in order to know anonymous information about the number of visits it receives, what technology is used to access the website, which pages are viewed and for how long, among many other anonymous statistical indicators.

This information allows the website to progressively improve the experience of its visitors.

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