Welcome to my studio.
The fascination I feel for plants and flowers is difficult to put into words... I am inspired by the spontaneity of what is in Nature, the (so-called) negative space, the slow perfect chromatic transition and the fall of the first leaves in autumn, my favorite season!
I have been working as a professional florist for seven years and, since 2013, I have been working on composing plants in water - waterplants .
In 2024, the year of the dragon, I launch Atelier Botânico Ana Oliveira, in Barreiro. Between the ephemeral and the perennial, you will find the most beautiful bouquets of flowers, air plant installations, kusamonos, carnivorous terrariums, water gardens and much more.
I seek to celebrate the diversity of flora through environmentally ethical and conscious production. Environmental and economic sustainability in the flower industry is a complex but unavoidable topic. And as a florist, it is important to share ideas and raise awareness among our partners and customers of the urgency of working with natural materials and techniques that are sustainable in the short, medium and long term.
From fluid and exuberant compositions to more minimalist, sophisticated or formal arrangements , we work with all types of flowers and color palettes, combining asymmetries, tones and textures.
Ana Oliveira