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Gasteria acinacifolia, Epithelantha micromeris, Aristaloe aristata, Haworthia limifolia and Ionantha rubra

Cactus and air plants composition in a white ceramic pot decorated with wooden trunk and akadama (japanese volcanic clayey soil).

Care: In general, succulents and cactus like a lot of sun and little water.

You should only water them when the substrate is completely dry, slightly moistening the substrate and occasionally rotating the position of the pot.

If you have doubts when watering, try burying a wooden stick in the ground: if it comes with damp soil, wait a few days before watering again.

You can also fertilize with a liquid fertilizer, 1/2 times per month, depending the time of year.

Pot dimensions: H 4.5 cm - Ø 20 cm

Notes: Plant selection may vary based on availability, but the aesthetics will remain the same.
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