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Phalaenopsis and Tillandsia Argentea

Phalaenopsis and Tillandsia Argentea

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Phalaenopsis and Tillandsia Argentea

Cerise-colored Phalaenopsis orchid, native to Brazil, and Tillandsia Argentea (air plant), decorated with pink and yellow Limonium sinensis and dried salix branch, in a local produced pink ceramic pot.


Care: Plants native to tropical and subtropical regions like a lot of filtered natural light, without direct sunlight. But some sun, especially the morning sun, is welcome!

The ideal is to position them next to a window and you should water and fertilize with special fertilizer for orchids twice a month. In turn, the air plant must be sprayed with distilled water quite often.

Pot dimensions: H 13.5 cm - Ø 13 cm

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