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Tillandsias Cloud

Tillandsias Cloud

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Botanical installation with 4 different species of air plants: Tillandsia fasciculata, Tillandsia streptocarpa, Tillandsiamelanocrater and Tillandsia pohliana.


Tillandsias, belonging to the Bromeliaceae family , are curious plants. They do not develop roots because they can absorb water and essential nutrients from the air. Hence the term 'air plants'.

In their natural habitat, they can be found in both deserts and tropical forests and most have an epiphytic behavior, that is, they use other plants as physical support in search of light but do not feed on them.

Care: They like plenty of filtered light (partial shade is ideal), lots of humidity in the air (they should be sprayed quite frequently, especially in the hotter season) and airing.

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